i am about to watch the texans vs Jets game right here n im predicting a texans victory due to the injuries of the jets best players we will see what they can do vs a well run texans team



super classico was today and the milan derby. barcelona is hands down the best team in the world! messi iniesta and Cristiano are the top 3 best players in the world at the moment and it was a joy to watch them 2day


also looked at some NFL games and i must admit that the media overhypes some teams but that is their job.

mike vick fumbled mac gahee fumble demarius thomas fum i dont know what went on today but something was not right today.

drew brees had his 48th consecutive game today scoring a touch down and the saints got their 1st win of the season however i doubt that we would be going to the play-offs given tt records of the nfc east and nfc west but saints always want to win every game

i am still keeping the faith because i know she makes me happy but i really think that it is about time to take myself away from her because as much as she makes me feel good the uncertainty i have in trusting in her is making me maadd!! Hoping to go back upstairs from tomorrow because downstairs is very counter-productive for me and I can free up some space. it is good to be playing football again regularly and I hope to start back doing this p90x stuff.


i hope to keep her in my life and I dont kow if feeling like this comes with the territory 😦